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Miodrag Kostić

CEO MK Group

Miodrag KostićMiodrag Kostić, the president of MK Group, was born on the 25th of August 1959. He acquired his academic title in 1983 from the Faculty of Economics in Novi Sad, at the Information Technology department. That was the begging of a business story spanning 30 years, one that has left quite a mark on the world of private entrepreneurship.

As a person who is the head of the largest vertically integrated agricultural company in Europe and with a strategy for further expansion onto other markets, Miodrag Kostić is one of the leading experts when it comes to the sugar industry and agribusiness, and in this respect his contribution to the domestic agricultural industry is irrefutable.

The business system created in 1983 as a small private company for trade, import - export and production, now has 40 companies and 7,000 workers in Serbia and is among those who make up the backbone of the domestic economy and its development. With true commitment, undeniable knowledge and continuous investments in the development of all fields of agricultural production, trade, banking, brokerage investments and consulting, all of these companies were unified under one name, MK Group. The success of the companies in the MK Group make Miodrag Kostić the foremost business leader in our country as well as the entire region of Eastern Europe, with a business reputation that has long exceeded the limits of the local business environment.

MK Group owns more than 10 agricultural companies, retail, warehouse and factory complexes. Granexport, a company that trades in corn and other crops as well as the production and sale of corn - mill products, joined the successful MK Group team in 2007.

A great passion for new challenges, and the courage to explore other industries are important factors in the business success of Miodrag Kostić. One of such ventures was investment in the hotel and apartment complex in Kopaonik, and a company, MK Mountain Resort, under whose auspices are the hotels Grand and Angella and the Apartment complex Konaci "Sunčani Vrhovi". In addition to tourism the new investments will be aimed at the further development of renewable energy sources, where MK Fintel Wind produces "green" electricity, with a stress on wind energy as its primary activity. In mid - November of 2011 a domestic company, Carnex, a leader in the production of meat and meat byproducts in Serbia, became part of MK Group.

Besides agriculture, sugar and meat production, tourism, renewable energy, from 2015, MK Group has bought AIK Bank in Serbia and became a shareholder in Gorenjska Banka in Slovenia whereas M&V Investments, MK Group’s brokerage company, has been one of the largest in Serbia for the last 10 years.

MK Group is persistent in trying to lead other companies by example showing them that with minimal investments into social prosperity they can make a maximum impact on improving the living standards and hence the future of Serbia. In 2013, a Foundation was established by the Kostić family which became a parent's home, within the NURDOR organization, for youngsters staying at the "Institute for Healthcare Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina" while in the previous year the Group built a home for children without parental care in Kraljevo at the SOS Children's Village.

A wide range of business activities and interests, as well as success in every segment of operations are responsible for Miodrag Kostić being awarded the "Business Personality of the Year", "The Most Successful Person in Vojvodina", "The Most Successful Entrepreneur", "The Best Manager in Southeastern Europe in 2011", "Car Dušan’s Gold Dinar - Company of the Decade", "The Winner of Belgrade", "Business Partner of the Year" and others. Acknowledgments have not bypassed the company which he heads which has repeatedly been proclaimed as the most successful company in Serbia and the region.

For the business and professional development of a worldly individual such as Miodrag Kostić, there are no limits. Miodrag Kostić has proven his knowledge and skills in business through the participation in the work of the management board of some of the largest and most successful banks in Serbia, as well as most of the other well known brokerage houses in the region. He is currently the President of AIK bank's Management board, the member of "Privrednik" club, the member of Serbian Association of Managers, the member of Board of directors of Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as the president of the Society for building Saint Sava temple Assembly.

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