The quality of maize, used as raw material for milling industry production, is determined by the Regulation on the quality of grain, mill and bakery products, pasta and quickly frozen dough (Official Gazette, no. 68/2016 and 56/18).

The quality of maize as raw material for industrial processing and animal feed is determined by the Institute for Standards, by the standard SRBS E.B3.516 from 1982, with changes JUS E.B3.516/1 from 1991.

Maize put on the market must be ripe, healthy, of characteristic appearance, scent and taste, without any sign of mildew, uninfected with diseases and pests in development or higher development stadium.

Maize put on the market must be in accordance with legal provisions:

- Regulation on microbiological safety of food in circulation (Official Gazette 26/93, 53/95, 46/02)

- Provisions on maximal allowed amounts of pesticides, metals, metalloids and other toxic substances, chemotherapeutics, anabolics and other substances that can be found in food (Official Gazette 22/2018 and 90/2018).

Optimal content of water in maize kernel during storage is 14%.  Maize with the content of water higher than 14% is brought down to this level by draying process.

If there are changes in conditions of maize admission and purchase, Granexport AD informs suppliers of the changes in a timely manner.


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